Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pastel Purple Once Again

Well it is offically crazy around my moms house ever since i got back from Kauai yesterday (pictures are soon to come).  We finally found a house in San Francisco so that means that we have to pack up the entire house by Saturday and be moved in by Sunday.......but the upside to moving is going through all of your stuff. and i found some pretty cool stuff just lying around.  
remember these? my mom found a whole pile of them from when i was 3 years old.  
i have been looking for these everywhere in store but could never really find them so its super cool that i found my old ones.  mixed in there are some old beads and some pendants and lets not forget cheap plastic rings.

here are a few of my favorites.  it includes flowers, bows, cats, penguins,rabbits, and dragonflies. 
super cute huh?
oh and my hair is purple again.  It got painfully blonde while i was on vacation

haha does anyone remember these? this used to be mine while they were still popular, i'm thinking about bringing it back 
and of course i saved the best for last,  my old cow alarm clock.  it says moo as the alarm......i really need to use this at my new house.

I'll make sure to post pictures of my new house once its all set up.  i'm super excited for it because i get a separate room for all my sewing stuff (YESSS!)  

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  1. OMG I love your hair clips! I'm so jealous! I found some on ebay, so hopefully I can get them soon. I hope your move goes well!

    xx Eva