Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Licensed and ready to drive

whoooo!!! I finally convinced my mom to let me take my stupid driving lesson so that means my permit is validated and now i can legally drive.......with a licensed driver over the age of 25....in the hours of daylight....but WHATEVER!!! i can drive!
ok and nothing too special about my outfit today. but may i say...I am extremely comfortable.
some super comfy jeans from forever 21 (i know, i know) and a STP shirt that my dad got me for christmas (still trying to figure out if it stands for the gas or for Stone Temple Pilots)

well that is all for today. now i just need to get to packing because i leave for Hawaii in 2 DAYS!!!!


  1. I'm obsessed your hair and your headwrap.

    1. aww thanks. its my new favorite thing to do because i used to hate when my hair was off my face, but i finally love it so i seize the opportunity