Monday, August 20, 2012

Starring Role

h&m chiffon dress with collar, old black cardigan, feminist brooch, payless oxford shoes

so today was my first day of Sophomore year of highschool, and let me just tell you again how much i just love SOTA. I went shopping for so long ust to find a dress as beautiful as this one. i love it so much.  and as every girl knows the first day of school is like a fashion show.  The first day sets the tone for the rest of the year.  you have to show what you want to accomplish that year.  this year my outfit says I feel confident with myself and that i want to be in control, it says that I'm ready to hit the ground running and show all these bitches whats up. 
night before planning

so because im a doof, i sat for hours trying to pick out my outfit the night before.  i wonder if it is this hard for guys?
rookie feminist Brooch

I thought by wearing this i would scare away the freshman, but little did i know there were some super hip girls that loved it.  i think ill just have to have some cool freshman friends this year.  

collar and my "vampy" lips.

i appologize for some of the pictures being sideways.  oh and now that school has started again i will make sure to take pictures of fashionable people at my school.

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