Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving Sucks

ok, moving dosen't really suck.  Just all the work does.  i apologize for being away for so long, but i have had literally NO time to do anything on the interwebs.  well here is my moving diary for he first week. 


so my room is as empty as i can ever remember it. 

Ok, so if you think its a pain in the ass to put stuff up on your Walls, try taking it down.  my walls were completely filled with everything that i ever had, and i had to take it all down, that alone took a couple hours. 
Then once we had moved all the stuff from our house in Concord, we had to drive an hour and a half to our new house in the city and then we had to unload everything from the truck.

All through the week we had to go back a forth to the old house to do touch ups.

As i was painting my room white again.  all i could think of was Mel Brooks, The Producers. 
for the time being before i get my sewing room set up i have my makeshift sewing table from empty boxes haha.

Ya, that's right you heard it.  I get a sewing room in this new house.
finally my big furniture is in place.

so i don't know about you, but for me a room is really your room when you start decorating it, so i got on that as soon as i could.  i didn't do all of it because i plan to have my friends over to have a decorating party.  Gotta love my friends.

a super cool bookshelf that used to be my grandpas

whooo.  walk in closet

so i would have to say my favorite part of this new house is my snazzy new walk in closet.  its so great.  This picture doesn't  even begin to describe it.

mini bookshelf.

so this is a bookshelf/shoe place that's in my closet that is built into the wall so i have declared it to be my secret reading room where no one can bother me. MUHAHAHHA. (ok maybe I'm overdoing it haha)

so i promise i will do something fashion oriented soon, because i have been making some pretty cool stuff lately.  XOXO

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