Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Rookies Strike Again

So, since we are super intense and crazy some of the rookies from the last San Francisco meetup decided to plan another meetup.  not alot of people came because the are buttheads are were like Tavi isn't going to be there and stupid non excuses like that (or they were just busy).  But the super hardcore 12 of us faced the cold of the city and met with each other 
Black button up, DIY floral skirt, brown wedges, clock purse, black cardigan, feminist brooch 
so this new skirt that i made the night before rookie in pure anticipation for the event is my new pride an joy. it was super easy to make, yet looks super cool.  i just love the fabric.  It looks very grandma chic.  

super fancy white mocha.

yes, i know, i'm just one of those jerks that takes pictures of my food.  But fear not, its not mine (and it's just so darn pretty).  After we got the whole group together and we were pretty sure no one else was going to show up, we walked over to the Cafe near Delores Park and girl ganged it in there and pretty much took over the entire shop.
it's rookie, we must thrift.

once we were sure we had caused enough havoc we walked over to community thrift on Valencia.  
record picking, showing our vast knowledge of music.  
so many books
book picking

i want this in my room

i love seeing inspiration for things to decorate my new room in cool places.  
new people to meet

I would have to say, my favorite part of rookie (besides everything about it) is the fact that it helps you meet so many new friends that have the same ideas.  Rookie is so much more than an online magazine, Rookie is a lifestyle.  
walking around
capitalism is over,  you want it

i think this would have to be my favorite mural in this alleyway 

Hanne (purple sweater, mushroom skirt)

Hanne of course because we go everywhere together, and her outfit today was super cute.
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it's a cult.

have to say that we defanitley look like a cult.  we have some good shots of us worshiping the great god Tavi.. we definatley got some weird looks, but what fun is a day if you don't get looked at like your a complete idiot. 
yay new friends

This meet up was a diffrent feel that the last one, but in a great way.  I think it was a success and now that one has worked out we need to make them happen all the time.

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