Friday, September 21, 2012

I Dress To Impress

we bitchface to show our passive aggression

This week was spirit week at our school and that is always fun.  I'm one of those annoying people that is actually into school spirit.  One of my favorite days this week  (besides field day) was our day that we dressed to impress.  At first i thought it was the most stupid thing i had heard of, i mean ho boring is it to dress up fancy for a spirit day, I do that on a normal basis.  But then me and my friends decided to do our own take on the day.  and of course being who we are we dressed to impress Tavi.  I hope she is proud and very impressed.  
new grandma sweater

I went thrifting last weekend at Clothes Contact.  I have decided it is my new favorite new store.  it is super vintage and thrifty and it has really cool stuff and everything is $10 for a pound of clothing.  For $10 there i got this sweater and a fantastic pair of shorts.
my fantastic shorts 
me and Hanne dressed like we were going to a rookie meetup

full short of our fantastic outfits 

marc always beautiful
want these so bad

I finally got my eyes checked and i am getting new glasses soon and i am begging my mom for these.  they are so grandma chic


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  1. Suuupppper cute, definitely impressive ;)