Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Halls Are My Runway

so i have realized that ever since school has started i haven't been as good about posting stuff, and i feel very bad about it because you all know, once school starts you have to look cute.  people always have cool style at my school (except for those few that just look horrible) and i really want to show all of you that.  
flower crown friends

so i think that we can assume that my friends are really cool just by the fact that we are all wearing flower crowns that we made (GO ROOKIE).  i just love all of these people so much.  on the left there's me, then Maya, then Hanne, then Gillian.  all looking sooo cute. 

mod dress i made

My main goal this month (besides school and other stuff like that) is to start up an Etsy.  i have been waiting to for a long time now but i have never really gotten the inspiration to.  but lately i have been making some really cool stuff and if you have any suggestions you should comment below.  

diy Sparkle shoes

Purple Rain ahaha

re-dyed my hair and now its very, VERY purple.  now i just cant wait until the 19th comes around so i can dye it red.

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  1. Oh my goodness you and your friends look so awesome!
    I look forward to your etsy.