Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Week of the Animals

Hello to all.  I apologize for being so long with out a blog post, but this week has been beyond stressful for me and now that things have gotten better i feel that I am in the right attitude to address all of you.  
I have been running around like a wild person trying to get ready for all of the stuff that is coming up for me  like performances, clubs, fundraisers, tests, extracurricular activities, and of course planning my Halloween costume.  By the way i have decided to be a solar system/ galaxy.  
Teaway!! the perfect thing to relieve stress after the PSAT and before going to the Opera.

This week for me was the PSAT week (yay standardized testing.....) and I, like many of you, hate testing.  Its so boring and they lock you in a room for 4 hours.  It is like my own special type of torture.  But I thought I could make this week better by wearing my newest discovery in the clearance section of H&M.....ANIMAL SOCKS!!!  They were just so cute i couldn't resist. 
Monday: bunny socks
Tuesday: birds
Wednesday: cheetahs
Thursday: seals
Friday: penguins

I don't understand how anyone could pass these up if they saw them in a store.  They were just so cute I had to go up to my friends every day and ask them if they had seen my socks yet, and if they said no I would proceed to taking of my shoes just to show them.
Oh and finally one last thing.  I finally got my ID card for school and it was so funny when i got it, because I was really expecting myself to have red hair in it.  Its funny to remember that my hair was purple back then.  
my favorite school picture by far.
(and yes i know it says Angelica, but that is my first name, and i go by Rain which is my middle name)


Monday, October 8, 2012


Finally found my contacts so i get to wear sun glasses

Well hello there.  If you live in San FRancisco you can imagine the crazy crowds that i had to deal with this weekend.  There were so many things going on and i think they predictied an extra million people in the city this weekend.  I decided that i would try to avios all the havoc as much as possible this weekend and not go out alot (plus i had alot of homeowrk so it worked out) , but the one day that i did i was really glad i did.  I had plans to go to the Castro street fair with a bunch of friends, but then a coupple of them could not go because their parnents were afriad of the naked people that might be wandering the streets of castro .  And if you were wondering there were no naked people, some almost naked, but none that were completley naked.  I love street fairs because of the wonderful atmosphere that they have and all of the enthusiasiam.  
Castro Theater
I got some fancy new pins from some really cool old ladies.  
Me slightly angry because of the bus delay.

I know that i forgot to get any pictures of my full outfit, but i was looking pretty snazzy.  I was wearing highwaisted black and white shorts, a SF bike week crop top, a jean jacket, and my bright green combat boots.  It was a nice change from my grandma chic clothing that i usually wear.  I felt like a person of a grunge blog on tumblr.  

my wonderful friends and our never ending can of soda