Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweater Weather

Sweater (H&M) collared shirt (OBEY) , bowtie was a present

Well hello there my darlings.  How have you guys been? If you live in San Francisco i hope you are enjoying this fantastic sweater weather just as much as i am.  I know i have been talking and talking about this, but i just cannot get over it.  Sweaters are the fashion gods gifts to the world.  Just put on a collared shirt and nice skirt and you are good to go.  I don't know about you guys but i bear through the cold with a skirt on.  I have only worn pants twice to school since the school year has started, i don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Anyways, i have been trying to wear my sweaters this week and these are the best ones. 
Fox sweater

Clockwork Orange inspired makeup (also Maya)

In other news, i have rekindled my love for the Nerdfighters. go on....do your happy dance....i know you want to.  Alright, now that that has been covered, I have been re watching the Brohterhood 2.0 videos again and rediscovering my Nerdfighter profile.  I am now saying goodbye to my social life and hello to my computer screen and the awesome that can come out of it.
oh, one more thing.  

cheesy couple picture of Ilia and I before his first performance we were both playing in.  He cleans up nice, with his tux and all.



  1. Awww! You two are so cute! I love your sweater!


  2. It snowed today in London -your sweaters would be perfect for it <3