Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Curella Deville

ta da

Hello my lovelies.  so as you can tell i dyed my hair :).  It was meant to be black and blonde/ white, but the red wouldn't completely dye out of my hair so i put pink over it and i kind of love it more than i would have loved the blonde.  Its so curella deville meets Avril Lavigne.  Also i have fallen in love with my curler that i got for Christmas and have been curling my hair every chance I get.  
new buys 

Here is some new stuff that i have acquired over the past couple days.  I got these beautiful yellow shoes from H&M for only $30!! thats crazy!!! They were on crazy sale because i remember when they first came in and they were $70.  I also finally got some spiked black flats for super cheap too.  I love going thrift shops and finding great stuff for almost free.  That cat book in the corner is a book i found in a free book box in my English class.  It is pretty much the best thing ever.  It has these great drawings of cats with hilarious captions. For example "happy cat enjoying his bath unaware that his house is on fire" or "unusually repulsive cat startled by a gesture of affection".  It is my favorite book right now.  The last thing is a flower crown i made.  It is made of origami flowers i made.  It just looks so nice.  
old picture, but i took my sister ice skating for the first time.  It was so cute 
Student Gov jackets.  Me and my friend Elizabeth have the best names on ours

I got all of my pictures developed the other day so those will go up later tonight in their own post.  This is one of my favorite ones from the bunch though.  All of the Sophomore officers did this for our jackets and it is so funny with us all together.  hope you all had a happy new year



  1. Ahh your hair looks lovely! :) xxx

  2. That's a really cute headband; glad to see your back to blogging! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, the link is on my blog here:
    Have a nice day!

    1. :) thanks for nominating me. i have been nominated before so im not sure if i will do another post about it, but thank you so much. Love your blog by the way


  3. Your haaaaaaaiiiirrr, it looks excellent.

  4. Your hair looks wonderful and THAT TIARA oh. my. word. it's perfect.