Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disposables from my birthday and other stuff

The Pictures from my disposable from my birthday 
super cool picture.  It was a dropped one but it  was a double exposure one apparently 

keeping it classy always 

durring my tea party 

my boyfriend Ilia

Lizzie always has so much energy 

The set up for my tea party on my birthday 

sushi dinner 

so Ilia had my camera and took the last three pictures on it...this was him...not me.  

Hope you all had a wonderful week. Best wishes 



  1. Awesome! I love all of them! Especially the double exposure one, it's so cool! Now I think I should really get a disposible camera!

  2. Disposable cameras are the best ones because they're so crappy but great and I really love them. You looked lovely! xx