Friday, March 22, 2013

Lovely Dovey stuff like that

Skirt and Shirt H&M 
Well I feel sickened by the lack of posting that i have been doing lately   Like really, what is wrong with me. I just have been to busy with all the AP applications due and running for Student Delegate and all (if you are a high school student in the SFUSD area make sure to vote for me in the youth vote).  
I wanted to make a cute valentines day post, but i never got around to it so i guess i'll just tell you about my Valentines Day.  
All my wonderful presents

So I think that I have the most wonderful friends ever and they got me the best gifts.  My friend Robert got me a package of ramen.  My friend Lizzie make me a valentine (the translation is " I don't think you are horrible.  I know your shoe size").  My mom got me Reeses and a starbucks gift card and my stepdad got me the tabasco jelly beans for my love of hot spicy food.  My boyfriend got me a super sparkly hat and I give him total points for attempting to understand my style.
Me and my boyfriend spent our valentines day at his house just watching movies and being romantic.  It was quite nice.  I really do love him.  I have to say i made him some pretty great presents too.  I took a deck of cards and wrote one thing that i love about him on each one and i made him a batch of bacon cheesecake brownies (they are to die for).  


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