Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Only Good Thing About Easter is the Pastel and Candy

Spring break has been fun with all the snowboarding and all, but i think my absolute favorite part was thrift shopping in a new town.  Whenever i travel i love thrift shopping.  Its always way more fun, i think this is also slightly to do with wondering what the person before you did with the clothes and how you are carrying on the life of that piece.  
The most wonderful sweater that i have come across 

I also picked up some sunnies and DIY gillered them. (glitter is now a verb)
Eggs I decorated with my brother (these were mine).  Thats one thing i love about having small siblings is the fact that when holidays come around I feel like a kid again.  

Look what else i got!!!! finally!!!
A drawing i did of Ilia and I

Throughout this spring break i have been away from Ilia and I was so sad, but finally yesterday i got to see him again and i got so happy.  This is a drawing I did of the two of us because i was so happy. 



  1. gosh that sweater is so cute i wanna tear my eyes out (not literally but it is cute) and I heard that book is very sad, I've only read Looking for Alaska by John Green but that was good so maybe I should read this one. x

  2. Oh my goodness that sweater is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I've been meaning to read that book for ages aswell! Just discovered your blog, it's lovely x

  3. this pastel's so amazing i'm dying....!
    and i love the rookie egg ;>