Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disposables from my birthday and other stuff

The Pictures from my disposable from my birthday 
super cool picture.  It was a dropped one but it  was a double exposure one apparently 

keeping it classy always 

durring my tea party 

my boyfriend Ilia

Lizzie always has so much energy 

The set up for my tea party on my birthday 

sushi dinner 

so Ilia had my camera and took the last three pictures on it...this was him...not me.  

Hope you all had a wonderful week. Best wishes 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Curella Deville

ta da

Hello my lovelies.  so as you can tell i dyed my hair :).  It was meant to be black and blonde/ white, but the red wouldn't completely dye out of my hair so i put pink over it and i kind of love it more than i would have loved the blonde.  Its so curella deville meets Avril Lavigne.  Also i have fallen in love with my curler that i got for Christmas and have been curling my hair every chance I get.  
new buys 

Here is some new stuff that i have acquired over the past couple days.  I got these beautiful yellow shoes from H&M for only $30!! thats crazy!!! They were on crazy sale because i remember when they first came in and they were $70.  I also finally got some spiked black flats for super cheap too.  I love going thrift shops and finding great stuff for almost free.  That cat book in the corner is a book i found in a free book box in my English class.  It is pretty much the best thing ever.  It has these great drawings of cats with hilarious captions. For example "happy cat enjoying his bath unaware that his house is on fire" or "unusually repulsive cat startled by a gesture of affection".  It is my favorite book right now.  The last thing is a flower crown i made.  It is made of origami flowers i made.  It just looks so nice.  
old picture, but i took my sister ice skating for the first time.  It was so cute 
Student Gov jackets.  Me and my friend Elizabeth have the best names on ours

I got all of my pictures developed the other day so those will go up later tonight in their own post.  This is one of my favorite ones from the bunch though.  All of the Sophomore officers did this for our jackets and it is so funny with us all together.  hope you all had a happy new year


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ranting (sorry)

Hello to all who read this.  I am apologizing now because this is not going to be a fashion or life update like i usually post, because I feel like I really just need to get some thoughts out there.  I promise i will get back to fashion blogging soon.  
So, lately i have been having problems with someone who shall not be named at this time, lets just call him Sam. (sorry i don't want to give out really personal stuff just in case someone that i know personally reads this.)  Sam is very close to me personally and he has been getting into really hard drugs and stuff like that (partying every night, out doing stuff he really should not).  and i will just say i am not the person to judge because i would be lying if i said i hadn't messed around and done stupid stuff, but with him, it is just getting to a point of unhealthy and it is ruining the relationship that i have with him.   It seems like every conversation that we have he is saying how "sober" he is (he is being sarcastic if you couldn't tell) and he think that that makes him cool.  
Why do people feel the need to point out the state of their sobriety.  Do the intoxicated people really think that those of us who are not on drugs really care that they are "letting lose" and "having a good time".  I have learned lately that you don't need to depend of superficial things like that to make you happy and if that is the only thing that makes you happy you really need to reevaluate your life.  I am sorry and i do not mean this to offend anyone, but i really just don't want anyone to get hurt.  Especially my friend.  i know i have almost gotten myself into some pretty sticky situations while doing stuff like that and i would hate for anyone to have to experience that.  
Yes, it can be fun sometimes.  In limited amounts and in a safe environment.  Not all the time, every night, wandering the streets of San Francisco at 1 in the morning.  That is not safe for someone of his age, or of any age for that matter.  I just wish people would think about the people that love them before they go out and make decisions like that.